Friday, January 16, 2009

Food Log Day #1

So today is the first day I am logging my food intake. I'll admit, I can't be bothered to look up calories for my food but I never did count calories or points. I'm more about portions of each food group and getting a variety of food.

Oh and I re-read the tip (in Redbook magazine) about people who log their food intake versus people who don't log and it says that people who log their food for at least 6 days a week lost TWICE AS MUCH WEIGHT as people who didn't log or only logged 1 or 2 times a week. WOW! That's a significant difference!

I will add to this blog as my day goes on but so far...

Breakfast -
1 cup coffee with splenda and creamer
1/2 c dry Quaker oats mixed with water (I usually use 0% fat milk but was out)
1 tbsp brown sugar (yea, that's a tablespoonful)

1 glass of Crystal Light
1 glass of water

1 can of diet coke
a tuna sandwich (tuna was fairly dry, not dripping in mayo but still had mayo in it) on a whole grain roll with lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber slices

Supper (ugh!)
1 can diet coke
Nachos with chicken and way too much cheese on them

2 glasses Crystal Light
1 glass water

Yeah, the supper killed me. We went to my favorite restaurant, The Taco Shop, and I told Logan I wanted something healthier than my usual deep fried chimichanga so I ordered the nachos with chicken instead. Didn't think about the cheese on it until it was sitting in front of me. It was also a huge portion but I didn't eat all of it. Would a quesadilla with chicken, light on the cheese be a better option? What do you all get at Mexican places that keep you in check?


Dona said...

Mexican food is off limits to me when I'm trying to eat healthy. There is just nothing there I can eat and stay within my range. Last time I went I ordered a grilled chicken salad (boring), brought my own dressing and when they brought it had fried tortilla strips in it! Therefore Mexican food (which I dearly love) is a "special" meal out for me. Sorry, know that isn't what you wanted to hear.

Lissa said...

Hey Sarah, We go out for Mexican every monday with my work friends. I DO NOT eat chips, and then I get the chicken or steak fajitas, without any guac., sour cream, beans, or rice. So basically it is meat, onions, peppers, lettuce, and a little cheese. I dont eat the tortillas. It ends up being a big salad, but it is sooo good and packed with protein. Good Luck! I love my Wii too, but ive unlocked everything on it. Fun stuff! Love you! Lissa