Saturday, January 17, 2009

Discovery Channel's National Body Challenge 2009

For those readers who like a bit of competition, even if it's only with yourself... you should check out the Discovery Channels "National Body Challenge"'. It's a free, comprehensive fitness and weight-loss challenge that provides the tools and inspiration – online, on television and beyond – to get in shape, shed pounds and find the real, healthier you inside.

The offerings include a free 30-daypass to Bally Total Fitness, access to customizable meals and fitness plans, over 1,000 healthy recipes and more. Hopefully you caught on January 5-9,2009, Discovery Health aired the inspirational National Body Challenge programming special, a five-part competition series that promises to keep participants motivated and on track to achieve to their goals.

With this link you can find assets with more information, previews health tips, and to register at:

Also, recently added is 4 new clips to our asset page, "Baggie", "Go Nuts", "Walking"and "Pump You Up", which help motivate, inspire, and encourage you to embrace a healthy lifestyle:

So check it out!

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