Thursday, January 15, 2009

Not much to report really. I didn't weigh in Tuesday as I forgot but I did weigh myself the day before and the numbers hadn't moved in either direction.

I honestly don't know how Moms of babies find time to workout (although probably 80% of my weight issues are food related I still find working out to be important for many reasons). I am just so exhausted from working, being out of bed multiple times through the night with the baby and trying to carry on somewhat of a normal life as a wife. It's just overwhelming sometimes.

I am working on a solution currently for the sleep issue. I am reading No Cry Sleep Solutions (thanks Jennifer) and hopefully within the next month or so we'll be able to get Sadie sleeping more consistantly through the night. Lack of sleep creeps into every aspect of your life so if we can get her to only waking up twice a night it will make a huge difference in everything we do I believe. I'm not even shooting for sleeping for 8 hours solid... but if it happens, yay for us!

I think I am going to begin a food log or maybe even log my daily intake of food/drink here. I read that people who actually log their food have a higher success rate of weight loss. I can't remember the exact percentage of people who were more successful but it was a significant amount, enough to make me change my mind about food logs. I have always hated them as they seemed to make me focus (read: obsess) over my food but maybe a little extra focus (and I do mean a little, I don't want to make this an obsession) is exactly the kick in the pants I need.

So starting tomorrow, food log it is!


Kirsten said...

The book you're reading sounds really helpful. I'll remember it for when I have my baby! I hope you and your husband get a good night's sleep soon. Hang in there!

Teale said...

I definately don't know how new moms do it! I'm hoping Sadie is able to sleep better soon, thus making you feel more rested as well!

I've toyed w/the idea of a food log too, but worried that I might get unwanted opinions about it (you shouldn't have eaten that... you need moreof this.... blah blah blah. lol)

becklette said...

not sleeping right can screw up EVERYTHING. and, actually, i think there were some studies showing that lack of sleep caused weight gain for a variety of reasons. it's definately interesting...

i really, really think a food log is helpful. after two years of doing it in excel and a few months of doing it in excel and here, i've switched over to a plain old notebook and i feel a lot less obsessed, but also have to look at the truth there in black and white every night.

The Atkinsons in Amsterdam said...

Not that I go to the gym or anything BUT working out does give you more energy and make you feel better. Can you find one with a daycare?

Lissa said...

Hey, when I logged my food intake, I lost my weight best. I have tried to get back into it, but I find it hard now. I'm not as disciplined as I used to be. But I did it religiously in the beginning and lost my first 60 lbs. that way. Go to and buy the book for 7.99. It's great! Love you!

Shannon said...

(OK, one last comment today!) ;)

I am a huge fan of to log all of my food and exercise. Not sure how useful it is for you overseas, but you can enter in nutritional information for foods that aren't in their database. It's immensely helpful for me to see the fat/protein/fiber of what I'm eating.

Good luck!